If you know someone who is looking to start a website or have their existing website updated, refer them to us and earn £100.*

Refer a friend or business you know and earn yourself £100*

Not only will you receive £100* for the referral but the person or business you refer will also receive a 10% discount on the work we carry out, it really is a win win!

Once you have submitted the contact details of both yourself and the person/business you wish to refer, we will contact them and talk through their requirements. If they decide to go ahead you will earn £100* for the kind introduction.

Additionally the person or company you refer will receive a 10% discount on their initial design fee for their website.

Referral information

*Terms & Conditions for the Sitemakers Referral Scheme

Sitemakers Ltd will pay to you a one-off referral commission of £100 when a qualifying referral made by you results in a sale of a website design project to the referred company or individual as detailed below.

A qualifying referral is an introduction to a company or individual with whom Sitemakers Ltd has no pre-existing relationship.

Sitemakers will confirm to you in writing the acceptance of each individual referral. A claim for referral commission will not be paid without this written acceptance.

Referral commission will become due for payment when the referred client signs a website order with Sitemakers and pays the design fee in full.

The client will also receive a 10% discount on the design cost for their website.

Referral commission will be payable for each qualifying referral that signs up for a website with a project start date within 6 months of the date of the written acceptance of the referral.

Sitemakers Ltd reserves the right to cease acceptance of new referrals at any time.

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