Ecommerce website solutions

A simple website to sell one product or an online store with thousands, we’ve got you covered.

When you first contact us, our first step is to listen, to consult with you and understand your specific requirements. We then propose an ecommerce solution that meets your current needs, and your ambitions for future growth. We offer a range of ecommerce platforms, and we will help you select the one that is the best fit for your business.

We work with you

Understanding your business needs is key to the success of an ecommerce website design.

We take care of the complex stuff

We handle all the technical parts of building and maintaining your website, so you can concentrate on selling, and growing your business.

Ecommerce that scales

Whether you just want to take bookings, sell a single product or thousands, we’ve got you covered.

Class-leading ecommerce website design services, based in Somerset.

Our responsive designs mean you look great on mobile!

Our ecommerce website designs are responsive, so they respond to the size of the screen on which they are being viewed, such as desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone. Whatever device your customer uses to view your website, your site is optimised to ensure the best user experience.

Flexible ecommerce hosting solutions and platforms that allow you to grow.

We work closely with our clients to design and build their website, and then offer a flexible combination of hosting, ongoing support, training, marketing and further development to ensure its success. Businesses grow and needs change, and we can respond to your evolving needs.

Looking to upgrade? Or simply need a design refresh.

If you have an existing ecommerce website and would like an appraisal without obligation, please get in touch. There are many legacy ecommerce platforms that need upgrading for reasons of compatibility, usability and compliance. We have extensive experience in replatforming websites, and can advise and assist with this transition.

Our ecommerce solutions have been supporting independent retailers for over 20 years.


Our priority at Sitemakers is to keep you in business.

Offering our expertise to help you adapt and stay relevant in rapidly changing conditions.

To this end we can offer advice and guidance on targeting products that may be popular or necessary in the current climate, and help to focus the design and messaging of your website elements to suit these changing requirements. 


Understanding your requirements.

We consult with you to understand your specific requirements, to to offer the right ecommerce solution to meet your current needs, and to maximise the future growth of your online business.


Responsive ecommerce website design

We offer responsive ecommerce website designs to fit within your budget and ensure that your customers have the best user experience. Research has shown that when your website design is easy to use, people will spend longer using it and are more likely to buy from you. Whereas, when websites are complicated and less intuitive they tend to get abandoned.


Looking to upgrade?

If your website supplier doesn’t keep your ecommerce website updated, or the platform your site is on doesn’t have the latest features available, it won’t take long before your ecommerce website stops being the ‘go to’ online store for your customers.