A new decade, a new service

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Ecommerce Website Design in Somerset

Marketing Company in Somerset

Sitemakers was formed during the early days of the internet. Initially our intention was to add value design services, creating website designs for our existing clients who we were already designing and creating brochures, marketing material, photography and illustration.


Sitemakers grew from strength to strength, and our focus become more and more online. We developed our own ecommerce solution, Liquidshop which became our focus for these past years. During this period we provided marketing services, PPC advertising and marketing.


The web has moved at such a pace, and our ecommerce solution Liquidshop has evolved over the years and we are proud to be in a position where we provide such high quality design and support services.


With a new decade upon us, our plans into 2020 are to re-strengthen our design and marketing services. We have launched a new sub brand called Loudworks, that provides a wider range of marketing services aimed at local Somerset based businesses and retailers across the UK.


Loudworks provides hyper targeted marketing strategies. We didn’t want it to just be yet another PPC agency or SEO company. We wanted Loudworks to have real value, the services it offers are not tied down to specific products. We look at the right solution for your intended purpose, we focus down on ket products or services and aims to target these at very focused audiences.


Unlike a more general marketing strategy, we hyper target, bit the product or service and the intended audience. We aim to do this in the most creative way possible, sometimes thinking outside the box. So please head on over to our Loudworks website, look at the new services we now offer and get in touch, a chat costs nothing.